Glass Wave
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Glass Wave


14K Yellow Gold Glass Wave in Motion. Size 1.5 inch wide.

The newest design from Evan Lloyd. This gorgeous wave was captured just before it came crashing down. The motion of the design and the luminescence of the glas truly bring this pendant to life. Even if you have never surfed before, this is one wave you are going to want to catch. The wave is just about to come crashing down on the beach, ending its journey that probably started hundreds or even thousands of miles away. The way sunlight shines though the water, it really makes this wave come alive. The wave is a full inch and quarter wide and will lay very nicely against the wearer's chest. The twin bails are large enough to handle most any large chain, however smaller chains do not seem lost when used with this wave. Each wave is slightly different, just as the way they are in nature.

Designed by Evan Lloyd.

  • Model: A756