Chinese Gambling Chip
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Chinese Gambling Chip


14K & antique Mother-of-Pearl Mini Half-Moon Chinese Gambling Chip Earrings

This exquisite half-moon earring perfect for someone looking for something small is trimmed with fancy tubing and highlighted with an Amethyst briolette. The briolette is also available in Peridot, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Black Onyx and all Pearls.

This unusual, handcrafted Chinese work of art dating back more than 250 years was once a gambling chip. Very fashionable at the time, many of the mother of earl pieces were custom-made at the request of British royalty and nobility, bearing family crests and or initials on one side. Most of the counters were made while brilliant philosopher Ching Lung was in power from 1736 until 1796. A heavy, carved variety counter cut from thicker mother of pearl was crafted during the rule of Chia Ching between 1800 and 1820. Approximately 100 years ago, these Chinese works of art were transported to England when the British were ousted from China for perpetuating the Opium Wars. During their more than 250 year life span, these counters have been cherished by royalty and nobility and many other historical personalities. Only now, a full century later, are they being rediscovered and appreciated once again for their exquisite beauty. Designed by Donna Chambers.

  • Model: 628CC