"Vase ""Blue Lagoon"" "
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"Vase ""Blue Lagoon"" "


"Blue Lagoon" Vase from "Water World" Collection, Height 8.9"
Step back into the history of glassmaking. "Water World" is Jan
Maresīs collection of bowls and vases in which he applies the
challenging Graal technique of coating the colored inner stone.
Decorations of various layers of different colors simply cannot be
created in two replicas. Water, a commonly found, but significant
source of life, strongly evokes the world of glass. These unique pieces
are intended for the most adventuresome collector who is searching for
new and unusual masterworks in glass. Each design is available only in
the colors selected by the artist. The edition is limited to 20 pieces
of each design, signed by the artist and Studio Moser and provided with
a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Model: "Vase ""Blue Lagoon"" "
  • Manufactured by: Moser